The Danny B Mythos

Part man, part myth, Danny B is both an everyday person and a figment of our imaginations. As a man, he seems ordinary enough. He drives a new car, wears T-shirts and jeans, and enjoys the beach. He bears a remarkable resemblance to Danny Bonaduce, but that isn’t so very unusual. Despite his seeming normality, Danny B stands out. He wanders the sea side alone, looking for something that’s never there. There’s a mystery to Danny B, a sense of disappointment and yearning that is beyond the ordinary.

The Danny B Chronicles

Though he is a compelling personality in his own right, Danny B inspired us to take his story further. Each week or so, a new tale evolves. Stories vary by theme, scope, and genre, but certain aspects remain constant. Every episode must involve Danny B in some way. The three weekly topics must also be included. The topics have ranged from the simple (the color green) to the convoluted (sea monkey powder with paste on a cracker), the everyday (kites) to the extraordinary (the chupacabras).

The topics drive the plot of Danny B’s life along an infinite number of possible courses. So far he’s experienced romance, horror, and adventure. Next time will bring something new.

Sit back and read our stories or jump right in and send your own. We’d love to hear from you.


These characteristics of Danny B are always true:

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