We’d love to see what you have to say about Danny B. Feel free to submit original stories using any set of topics. Please make sure all three topics are from the same set, and don’t forget to include Danny B. We’ll post your story with the other stories using those topics. New submissions will be posted as soon as we can get them up.

Copy the text of your story into an e-mail addressed to At the top of the e-mail, list the topics you used, how you’d like your name noted, and an e-mail address we can use to contact you.

If we decide to post your story, we’ll send you an e-mail to let you know. The e-mail will contain a confirmation number you can use to identify yourself if you want to update your story at any time.

There will be no compensation for publication in the Danny B Chronicles other than our thanks and your pride in a job well done.

We would love to post every story we receive, but we reserve the right not to post your submission if it’s mean-spirited, libelous, or otherwise inappropriate.

Submissions may be edited. We won’t censor your words or change your plot, but we’ll clean up any spelling errors or glaring grammar issues we notice.

If you don’t feel up to submitting a whole story, send us suggestions for topics. Each episode, we’ll include at least one reader-selected topic. We’ll choose the topic randomly – unless, of course, someone sends us such a good one (or more) that we have to use it. Before you send, please make sure we haven’t already used the topic.